EWTN Bible App FAQ

Q: How do I edit a playlist inside the App?

1) Open the app
2) Select Playlists
3) Click and hold the list you want to edit
4) A menu will pop up then select Edit
5) Scroll down to the area you want to edit
6) Delete the undesired entries
7) Click on Add Entry
8) Use the picker to make your selection and click “Select”
9) Using the up/down arrows on the side slide the selection up or down to the correct location.
Exit from there saving the list and play the list and enjoy!

Q: How, do I change the audio format?

1) Open the horizontal bars at the bottom
2) Select Settings
3) Select Audio Format
(your current Audio Format will be shown)
4) If you have OGG select MP3 or vice versa
5) Click back and the app should initialize
6) The new audio format files will need to be downloaded

Q:How do I retrieve previously purchased applications?

A: Restore your purchase by simply visiting “My Apps” in your android device and this will re-download without having to pay again. If you are being asked to purchase an application you have already purchased through Android Market on an existing or previous device, you might be using a different account than the one you were using at the time you made your purchase.

Q:How do I delete all of the audio for an entire Bible Testament?

1) Press the gear at the top right
2) Select Contents
3) Long press on desired testament
4) Context menu displays
- view - takes the user to the book list for that testament
- delete - prompts the user to delete all of the audio files for that testament